PARK CITY, UTAH — Premium dog nutrition brand Badlands Ranch announced April 12 that its products are now available via Chewy. 

Founded by actress, animal advocate and philanthropist Katherine Heigl, Badlands Ranch made its debut in August 2022 with an aim to provide pets with “unparalleled” nutrition. The brand’s offerings currently include complete-and-balanced formulas called Superfood Complete in beef, chicken, and lamb and venison varieties; and a selection of treats dubbed Superfood Bites in beef liver, chicken breast, and wild salmon recipes. The brand also has a line of supplements: Super20, Super Gut Biotics, Skin and Coat, and Super Mobility. 

According to Badlands Ranch, Superfood Complete has achieved significant success with more than 3 million units sold since its launch. The line is formulated with turmeric, ginger, Lion’s Mane mushrooms and other superfoods. 

To provide pet parents with greater access to its products, the brand has launched on Chewy. According to Badlands Ranch, its dedication to pets’ wellbeing “seamlessly” aligns with Chewy’s commitment to quality and community-building. 

“My dogs are family and keeping them happy and healthy is a top priority,” Heigl said. “Bringing Badlands Ranch to Chewy feels like welcoming even more pups into our pack. Together, we can fuel canine adventures and make a real difference.”

The new partnership with Chewy comes on the heels of Badlands Ranch’s expansion into the independent pet retail channel through distribution partnerships with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, Veterinary Service Inc., American Distribution and Manufacturing Company, and National Animal Nutrition, Inc.

“This expansion will provide more pet owners with access to this best-selling air-dried dog food, supporting various aspects of dogs’ health, including skin and coat, digestion, immune function and energy levels,” the brand shared.

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