LOS ANGELES — Freeze-dried raw dog food brand Dr. Marty Pets announced Nov. 15 an expansion of its portfolio to include several formulas that cater to dogs’ different dietary requirements. New products include Sensitivity Select, Active Vitality, Healthy Growth, Premium Origin and Small Breed.

Each new formulation is designed to promote a dog’s health and wellbeing, according to the company.

Sensitivity Select is a premium recipe formulated for dogs with food sensitivities. The diet is free from common allergens such as beef and eggs, and instead features high-quality poultry, seeds and produce ingredients to support digestion, healthy skin and vitality, the company stated.

Active Vitality is designed for older dogs ages 7 and up. The formula, which features meat, produce and superfoods, helps promote digestion, immune support, mobility and energy. According to Dr. Marty Pets, the diet aims to “counteract typical signs of aging in canines.”

Healthy Growth is designed for young dogs from 6 weeks to 24 months old. The recipe features goat milk and seaweed, which serves as a source of calcium to support muscle and brain development. Healthy Growth also includes premium protein, produce and superfoods to support overall health and development in growing pups.

The company’s new Small Breed freeze-dried food offers bite-sized pieces for small mouths. The formula includes raw meat and select produce ingredients to support nutrient absorption and digestion.

Dr. Marty Pets’ Essential Wellness Premium Origin formula combines New Zealand lamb and venison, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught mackerel with superfoods to deliver antioxidants that benefit several areas of health and wellness, including healthy weight, coat health, mobility and energy, according to the company.

All new formulas can be found on Dr. Marty Pets’ website.

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