LOS ANGELES — Dr. Marty Pets on Nov. 10 expanded its Nature’s Feast® freeze-dried cat food line to include two new Essential Wellness formulas. The new diets will be distributed to pet specialty stores across the United States through a partnership with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.

The Essential Wellness Poultry and Essential Wellness Beef, Salmon and Poultry diets are formulated with premium raw ingredients, fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids to support health and wellness, antioxidants and prebiotics from fruits and vegetables, and freeze-dried to lock in palatability and nutrition.

These two new products add to Dr. Marty Pets’ premium line of veterinarian-formulated, freeze-dried pet food, treat and supplement products.

"Early in my career, I discovered many commercial cat foods were full of preservatives, grains, and low-quality ingredients,” said Marty Goldstein, DVM, founder of Dr. Marty’s Pets. “The problem is, cats are obligate carnivores — meaning they need a diet rich in meat to thrive. I switched my feline clients to a diet full of real cuts of meat like the one's found in Nature's Feast, and after a few weeks we found their overall well-being had noticeably improved.”

The company has been busy this year expanding its freeze-dried portfolio. Dr. Marty Pets added several age-specific freeze-dried raw dog food formulas in March, followed by its first functional freeze-dried dog treats in August.

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