ORLANDO, FLA. — Holistic premium pet food brand Solid Gold® introduced an expansion to its plasma-powered nutrientboost™ line, debuting 12 new SKUs for dogs. The new products include three new meal toppers and four functional treats.

The new nutrientboost meal toppers include Solid Gold® Air Dried Meal & Topper, Solid Gold® Meatball Meal & Topper, and Solid Gold® Protein Shreds Meal Topper, each offering an alternative pet food format. The air dried and meatball formulas can be served as a topper to a dog’s existing complete-and-balanced diet or on their own as a complete food.

The Air Dried Meal & Topper is formulated with 91% protein from animal sources and Solid Gold’s proprietary nutrientboost blend of plasma, amino acids and superfoods to support gut health and nutrient absorption. The food is gently air-dried to preserve nutrients and provide dogs with a jerky-like texture. This topper is available in chicken and beef varieties in 4-oz, 1-lb and 2-lb sizes.

The Meatball Meal & Topper consists of mini meatballs formulated with real meat and the nutrientboost blend to support digestive and immune health. This topper is available in beef and chicken flavors.

The Protein Shreds Meal Topper is made with natural ingredients, including shredded chicken, bone broth, carrots, pumpkin and the nutrientboost blend. As a topper only, the formula serves as the perfect way to provide variety, flavor, texture and additional nutrients to a dog’s existing complete-and-balanced diet, according to Solid Gold.

In addition to meal toppers, Solid Gold's nutrientboost line for dogs now includes functional treats

In addition to meal toppers, Solid Gold's nutrientboost line for dogs now includes functional treats. 

| Source: Solid Gold

In addition to these new toppers, Solid Gold has also added four functional treats to its nutrientboost line. The treats are available in four formulas, each providing a specific health benefit: Gut Health, Mobility, Performance, and Skin & Coat. Each treat is formulated with the nutrientboost blend, which contains superfoods, amino acids and clean plasma to help support nutrient absorption and digestive health. They also contain chicken, beef, peanut butter, pumpkin, and additional superfoods like flaxseed, turmeric and salmon oil.

“As we continue to see the proliferation of functional benefits branching out of supplements and into the toppers and treats category, we are excited to launch these new additions in our nutrientboost™ portfolio,” said Brian Quinn, brand director of Solid Gold. “Pet parents are always looking for ways to provide their dogs with the best possible care, and our new toppers and functional treats are an easy way to incorporate nutritious and delicious options into their diets. From kibble and wet food to toppers, treats and supplements, Solid Gold has something for every dog.”

The new additions are designed for all dogs of every breed, age and size, according to Solid Gold. The products are available at select PetSmart and Petco retailers throughout the United States, as well as online via Amazon and Chewy.

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