NEW YORK — Premium cat food company Made by Nacho expanded its portfolio with the release of new bone broth toppers. The cat food toppers are made with the same bone broth used in the company’s other cat food and treat products. The toppers offer a concentrated burst of flavor for palatability and provide cats with extra hydration.

“Our flavorful and hydration-packed bone broth is Nacho's signature ingredient and is infused in all of his recipes,” said Katja Lang, Ph.D., veterinary consultant, Made by Nacho. "Our community has loved our bone broth so much that we had to bottle it all on its own! Not only does it taste delicious, but it also provides the hydration that is crucial to help cats fight off common health issues, like kidney disease, and to help them live long, nourished lives.”

The bone broth toppers are formulated with responsibly sourced protein, fruit juice, yeast and prebiotics to support cats’ digestion and hydration needs. Formulated without grains, Made by Nacho Bone Broth Toppers are available in three flavors: Beef, Chicken and Turkey.

The easy-to-serve toppers are meant to be shaken and served at room temperature as a meal topper or alone as a treat.

“In addition to its nutritional and hydrating qualities, Made by Nacho Bone Broth Toppers were developed with palatability in mind,” Lang said. “All of our products are designed to give cats the diversity in their foods that they crave, including a variety of textures, flavors and exciting proteins.”

Made by Nacho Bone Broth Toppers are available in 8.4oz cartons at

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