OLATHE, KAN. — JAC Pet Nutrition unveiled a new, functional topper — Superfood Crumbles and Gravy Mix — on Aug. 9. The cat food toppers are formulated with superfoods to support digestive and microbiome health.

The new air-dried toppers can be served dry in their crumble form or mixed with hot water to offer cats a boost of hydration. JAC’s Superfood Crumbles Functional Cat Topper and Gravy Mix is available in three flavors: Chicken, Salmon and Shrimp.

“Our functional feline toppers are designed to support digestive and microbiome health,” said Charlie Bachkora, chief pooper scooper at JAC. “Digestion and urinary health are the top two issues that affect cats today. We feel that we have one of the best food toppers and nutrition boosting products for cats on the market. At JAC, we know these additional benefits are critically important for a cat’s overall health and wellness.”

The Superfood Crumbles and Gravy Mix toppers are formulated with organic turmeric, organic quinoa, blueberries, green beans and flaxseed to support health and wellness in cats.  

The new cat toppers are available via JACPetNturition.com.

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