AUSTIN, TEXAS — Neo Bites, an Austin-based pet food startup working with insect protein, launched its first functional meal topper line on Dec. 14. Formulations target specific health and wellness concerns in dogs, and all recipes are hypoallergenic and include whole-food superfoods, according to the company.

The company was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic as a sustainable brand offering functional formulas using insect protein and functional ingredients, without compromising palatability or affordability.

All formulas include the company’s Super-Insect Blend, which features cricket protein that contains prebiotics and is naturally high in Omega 3 fatty acids, Neo Bites stated.

"Neo Bites is changing how we feed our dogs and steward our planet," said Wesley Cooper, co-founder of Neo Bites. "The pet food industry is traditionally a major environmental burden and contributor to climate change. If America's dogs and cats had their own country, their meat consumption would rank fifth in the world. Meat production generates 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Our pets and their humans deserve better. We are accelerating the shift to sustainable animal nutrition."

According to the company, crickets are a more environmentally friendly protein source than traditional proteins such as beef. Neo Bites shared cricket protein production offers lower total methane emissions, water and land use per pound  compared to beef protein production.

Neo Bites’ new meal toppers include a Health Aid Topper formulated with kale, oats, turmeric and kelp; a Digestive Aid Topper made with ginger, pumpkin, apple and oats; and a Skin & Coat Aid Topper formulated with flaxseed and peanut. Neo Bites has also released Original Dog Treats made with its Super-Insect Blend, peanut, pumpkin, oats, cinnamon and egg.

All Neo Bites products are manufactured in Austin in small batches, the company shared. Neo Bites stated it is currently working to scale production to meet demand, with future plans to further expand its initial product line.

"Our products are designed to improve dogs' lives and can satisfy even the most picky eaters,” said Winslow Marshall, co-founder of Neo Bites. “Dog lovers can trust that our dog food toppers are filled with the nutrients that are missing from legacy pet food.”

Neo Bites meal toppers and dog treats are available direct-to-consumer on

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