MADISON, WIS. — Cold Water Technologies, Inc., a company that develops science-based products for pets, announced the launch of Happy Scratch, a supplement that helps stop itching caused by dermatitis in cats and dogs.

Approximately 15% of pets experience itchy and rashy skin due to immune responses to seasonal, contact and food allergies, according to Cold Water Technologies. Happy Scratch is a powdered supplement that provides an essential element to pets’ immune systems that can help prevent itching, according to the company.

The supplement was developed with expertise from Maria Dashek, Ph.D., DVM, veterinary immunologist and co-founder of Cold Water Technologies. Dashek tested the supplement on her dog Kiba, who experienced itchy skin.

“After using Happy Scratch for just three weeks, Kiba stopped chewing his paws,” Dashek said. “That’s when I knew this technology had to be shared with the world. As a vet and a scientist, I trust Happy Scratch to support Kiba’s seasonal allergies. Not only does this product work, but my dog absolutely loves it.”

Happy Scratch is made from pork mucosa that naturally contains a large amount of IgA, an anti-inflammatory antibody. According to Cold Water Technologies, pets with low amounts of IgA may be more susceptible to gut issues, infections and dermatitis. The product is meant to be added to a pet’s food.

Developed by a team of university researchers and supported by veterinarians, Happy Scratch is backed by four US patents. It is sourced, produced and packaged in the United States. Happy Scratch is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping in spring 2024.

The launch of Happy Scratch follows an investment from Winnow Fund, a venture capitalist fund focused on investing in pre-seed Wisconsin-based startups.

“I first learned about this discovery while working at University of Wisconsin and I’m excited Winnow Fund is now part of making it commercially available,” said Richelle Martin, managing director of Winnow Fund. “Pet care is a substantial industry. Between the team and the market potential we’re confident Cold Water Technologies is going to be a great addition to the Winnow Fund portfolio.”

Happy Scratch is the first product by Cold Water Technologies, which was co-founded by Dashek and Jordan Sand, Ph.D., in October 2021.

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