RICHMOND, VA. — Heirloom Pet Products on July 1 launched its first line of hemp-based pet products, featuring water-soluble meal toppers for added palatability and functional health benefits.

The products were developed to offer faster-acting hemp supplements for pets. The meal toppers are formulated with organic, broad-spectrum hemp oil.

"Along our journey to develop the Heirloom product line we talked about hemp to pet parents across the country,” said Jason Lysak, chief executive officer of Heirloom Pet Products. “Two things stood out – there has to be a better way to administer hemp extract and it has to start working faster."

Heirloom meal toppers are available in three formulas, each supporting overall health and wellbeing for cats and dogs. Zen Puppy is formulated with peanut butter and banana flavors; Whine Not includes bacon and cheddar flavors; and Ruff and Ready features chicken flavor and turmeric to support bone and joint health.

Each formula includes 150 mg of water-soluble hemp extract and is intended for supplemental feeding with a complete-and-balanced diet. Each 2-oz bag contains approximately 30 servings, delivering 5 mg of hemp per serving, according to Heirloom.

"Cats' and dogs' bodies are made up of 60-80 percent water. Hemp is an oil, so many products that deliver hemp in an oil format have limited absorption, which means less bioavailability," Lysak explained. "By using a water-soluble product, we ensure the maximum bioavailability, which means Heirloom Pet Products work faster and are more effective."

Heirloom Pet Products is currently working with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to ensure the products’ integrity and compliance. The company is GMP- and SQF-certified. The meal toppers are manufactured in the United States.

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