CHARLESTON, SC. — Opal Pets, a manufacturer of vegan animal nutrition products, launched its new vitamin supplement — Perfect Powder. The powder is a complete vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement that can enhance a complete-and-balanced plant-based diet.

"Do you want your dog to be healthier, live longer, or just stop itching?" said Lindsay Carvalho, founder and chief executive officer of Opal. "Opal and Perfect Powder are here to show dog parents that it's possible to feed your pets fresh, plant-powered food instead of dry little pieces of meat cereal."

Formulated with organic Canadian sea kelp and Omega 3s sourced from algae, Perfect Powder provides calcium, B vitamins, amino acids, L-carnitine, taurine and other essential nutrients dogs need. According to Opal Pets, the supplement is developed by experts in canine nutrition.

Each order of the new supplement powder comes with a free digital cookbook, which features homemade dog food recipes.

"When I started feeding my little rescue dog Piggy a homemade vegan diet, I realized he loved the variety, but I couldn't find a nutritious supplement on the market I felt really good about feeding him," Carvalho said. "We want to make it easy to feed your dog a fresh, whole-food, plant-based diet at home. With the help of veterinary nutritionists and formulation partners, we've prioritized the utmost transparency with each ingredient right from the beginning. Everything we use is 100% vegan, non-GMO and made in the United States."

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