NEW YORK —Health Extension, a holistic pet food company, introduced its new supplement powder for dogs on June 2. The Belly + Immunity supplement powder is formulated with probiotics and enzymes to support digestion in adult dogs and puppies.

According to Health Extension, dogs commonly suffer from many food sensitivities that go unnoticed by their pet parents. However, these sensitivities can likely be reduced with some extra support. The Belly + Immunity supplement contains live-cultured probiotics to reduce gut inflammation and help dogs break down food more easily, increasing nutrient absorption and helping reduce the severity of food sensitivities.

"This proprietary blend of probiotics and digestive enzymes was specially designed to help support digestion and nutrient absorption as well as overall health and immunity," said Brad Gruber, president of Health Extension. "We created this wonderful blend for pups of all life stages, supporting the needs of any breed and making sure they all get the most out of every meal."

As well as probiotics, Belly + Immunity is formulated with five stains of digestive enzymes, including Bromelain, a blend of pumpkin seed, banana, papaya and ginger root powder for added fiber, and apple cider vinegar for immune health. According to Health Extension, the powdered supplement offers 3 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of beneficial bacteria.

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