LAS VEGAS — H&H Group’s pet food brand Solid Gold and Zesty Paws showcased their latest product innovations during SUPERZOO 2023 from Aug. 16 to 18. Solid Gold exhibited its new nutrientboost™ line and Zesty Paws highlighted two new product innovations within the supplement category.

Solid Gold originally introduced the nutrientboost line in May 2021, offering dog food formulated with a proprietary blend of superfoods, antioxidants and plasma, to support nutrient absorption, gut health and overall immunity. The brand has since expanded the plasma-powered line to include its core kibble and wet recipes. nutrientboost includes complete-and-balanced kibble for dogs, as well as toppers, treats, gently air-died jerky, protein shred toppers, functional treats and more. The company showcased the line at booth 6449, which had a “Inspired by Nature, Powered by Science” theme, during the annual tradeshow.

“As America’s first holistic pet food brand, we are excited to share with SUPERZOO attendees how our innovation approach ‘Inspired by Nature, Powered by Science’ harnesses the scientific power of H&H research to deliver unique foods, toppers and supplements for pets,” said Yvethe Tyszka, vice president of marketing of H&H Group North America. “We’re thrilled that SUPERZOO attendees will have the opportunity to chat with us about our nutrientboost line of products and our new functional treats.”

The nutrientboost line includes:

  • Kibble that provides dogs with a boost of proteins, amino acids and antibodies from sustainably sourced plasma to help dogs better digest and absorb nutrients.
  • Air Dried Meal & Topper, a gently, air-dried formula that can serve as a topper or complete-and-balanced meal. The meal/topper is formulated with 91% of protein sourced from animals.
  • Meatball topper, a compete-and-balanced topper formulated with beef and nutrientboost to support digestive and immune health.
  • Protein Shreds, a high-protein recipe made with shredded chicken, carrots and nutrientboost.

In addition to these products, Solid Gold also launched four new nutrientboost chewable supplements. The supplements target specific need states, including gut health, mobility, performance and skin and coat health.

Solid Gold also relaunched its Green Cow wet formula, which was showcased at the show. The brand’s original Green Cow formula has been enhanced with the addition of nutrientboost. According to Solid Gold, this particular diet is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Additionally, Zesty Paws unleashed two new products for cats and dogs during SUPERZOO 2023. The products mark the brand’s launch into the longevity pet category, as well as expand its offerings for felines.

Zesty Paws’ new Healthy Aging NAD+ Precursor is a supplement specifically developed to support metabolic health, cellular energy, skeletal muscle health and recovery, and brain and cardiovascular health in dogs. The Healthy Aging supplement is formulated with Niagen®, a clinically studied precursor to NAD+ that helps support the aging of cells. The supplement will launch later this fall.

Alongside the Healthy Aging supplement, Zesty Paws also debuted its new Digestion Mousse and Omega Mousse for cats. Launching in early 2023, these functional treats are formulated with a blend of seaweed, combining vitamins and antioxidants. The Digestion Mousse contains Digestummy™, which can help support gut function; and the Omega Mousse contains MeowMega™, which can help support skin and coat health.

The Mousse functional treats are available in tuna and chicken recipes and will officially launch early 2024.

“We are excited to return to SuperZoo this year to celebrate that Zesty Paws is the No. 1 Brand of Pet Supplements in the USA and to showcase some of the amazing innovation that our team has been working to bring to pet parents this year,” Tyszka said. “As the #1 Selling Pet Supplement Brand with an expanding range of premium offerings for pets at every life stage, Zesty Paws is committed to bringing the most groundbreaking science to the world of pet supplements.”

Alongside these new product innovations, Solid Gold and Zesty Paws donated all products shown at the tradeshow to support over 50 animal rescues in southern Nevada, in line with SUPERZOO’s collective exhibitor donations this year.

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