ORLANDO, FLA. — Solid Gold® announced its complete nutrientboost™ dog food line on June 13. The new nutritional line provides a boost to several of Solid Gold’s recipes, delivering more nutrition to dogs to support overall health and wellbeing.

The premium dog food line is formulated with Solid Gold’s nutrientboost, a proprietary blend of superfoods, antioxidants and plasma, to support nutrient absorption, gut health and overall immunity. The company originally debuted the nutrientboost line in May 2021, providing a nutritional boost to its Meal Topper and Hund-N-Flocken™ recipes. Upon witnessing the benefits of the nutritionally boosted recipes, Solid Gold decided to extend the line into its core kibble and wet diets.

The nutrientboost line also provides dogs with a boost of proteins, amino acids and antibodies sourced from sustainable, upcycled ingredients.

“Solid Gold's unique nutrientboost™ brings innovation to the pet category, focusing on the fact that pets tend to have unbalanced guts due to their diets,” said Leasa Moltke, manager of nutrition and regulatory affairs at Solid Gold. “The proprietary nutrientboost™ blend has shown to reduce stool output by about 9% (when compared to the same formula without nutrientboost™). Benefits like this are precisely what inspired us to develop the nutrientboost™ line, formulated as a separate kibble that is then added to our classic recipes.

“What sets the nutrientboost™ line apart from other pet products is the enriched formulation that harnesses the power of natural ingredients,” she added. “Each product is carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality, with a focus on key nutrients and superfoods that provide dogs with an even greater level of nutrition.”

The nutrientboost line includes complete-and-balanced kibble and wet formulas, as well as a meal topper.

The Solid Gold® nutrientboost™ Kibble Line seeks to help dogs digest, absorb and savor their food and nutrients, according to the company. The plasma included in the formula is sourced from USDA-approved facilities and is combined with a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support immune, digestive and coat health.

The Solid Gold® nutrientboost™ Hund-N-Flocken™ Wet Dog Food is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients, including nutrientboost, to help support digestion, immune health and nutrient absorption in dogs, similar to the kibble line.

The Solid Gold® nutrientboost™ Shaker is a functional, powdered meal topper that can be added to any dry or wet formula to provide dogs with additional nutrients and flavor. The topper is available in a 4-oz shaker.

Solid Gold’s new nutrientboost lines is available at PetSmart retail locations throughout the United States.

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