CHESTERFIELD, MO. — Solid Gold on May 25 introduced NutrientBoost™, a new line of dog and cat food formulas and meal toppers specifically targeting gut health with a unique ingredient.

The formulas are “powered by plasma,” a natural, liquid ingredient boasting immune system and gut health benefits. The ingredient is 92% water, according to Solid Gold, but serves as a source of albumin, globulin and fibrinogen proteins, as well as minerals, antibodies and amino acids.

"Plasma sounds like the last thing you want for dinner," said Leasa Moltke, manager of nutrition and regulatory affairs at Solid Gold. "But to dogs and cats, it's a giant leap forward in their daily nutrition and gut health. Added to traditional pet food, plasma becomes a superior source of protein providing minerals, antibodies and 18 amino acids to your pet's diet. Plus, it's delicious – at least to our pets."

According to Solid Gold, the recipes were inspired by the gut health-improving kombucha trend that has permeated the market for human beverages in recent years. Additionally, the gastrointestinal and immune benefits of plasma can aid inflammation, improve immunity and reduce the adverse effects of stress, the company said.

Sold Gold cited a 2020 survey by Packaged Facts, which showed 23% of dog owners and 24% of cat owners are “especially concerned” about their pets’ anxiety and stress, and another 20% of dog owners and 21% of cat owners view their pets’ immune system health as a top priority. As with many other human food trends, this focus on overall health and wellbeing has extended to the pet nutrition space.

"As people start planning to go back to the office, it's not surprising that animal anxiety and stress show up as top concerns for pet owners as they think about leaving their furry friends at home," Moltke added. "But symptoms like anxiety, stress, low energy, excessive scratching and shedding may also be signs of poor gut health – so helping your pet feel better during this transitional time might end up being as easy as switching them to a better diet."

The line includes three complete-and-balanced dog foods and one dog food topper, along with one complete-and-balanced cat food formula and one cat food topper. Dog food formulas include lamb, beef and chicken proteins, and the cat food features lamb proteins. All complete diets are formulated with brown rice and pearled barley and are free from potatoes.

Solid Gold reported its NutrientBoost pet nutrition products offer improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, immune system support and palatability.

These plasma-powered diets will be available online at, as well as on Chewy, Amazon, Petco and PetSmart e-commerce platforms. They will also be distributed through independent retail stores across the United States.

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