FENTON, MO. — Pet Nutrition Meals, LLC introduced its flagship brand on Aug. 15 with the launch of NAAVI, an alternative pet food format designed to optimize dog nutrition and convenience for pet owners. The diets were unveiled at SUPERZOO 2023, held Aug. 16 to 18 in Las Vegas.

The emerging brand aims to strike a balance between the trend toward fresh, frozen and freeze-dried diets and consumer demand for flexibility, storage and safety, and accessibility.

“The idea behind NAAVI was to build upon the best innovations that we’ve seen from emerging pet foods over the years while finding a way to eliminate the drawbacks for consumers and retailers,” said Chris Atterberry, senior marketing manager for Pet Nutrition Meals, LLC.

Dog diets by NAAVI include slow-roasted proteins, air-dried fruits and vegetables, ancient grains, and air-puffed probiotic crisps that deliver four probiotic strains. Proteins are roasted for 10 to 14 hours between 180° F and 200° F.

Ingredients are included to visibly offer a variety of color, texture, flavor and aroma, according to Pet Nutrition Meals. NAAVI diets can be fed dry, rehydrated, mixed into a regular diet, as a treat, or as a part of a rotational feeding regimen.

“Each of the three components that make up a bowl of NAAVI was designed to become more vibrant, aromatic and palatable when hydrated compared to any other food on the market, you can really see and smell the difference,” Atterberry added.

Products include Slow Roasted Chicken Bowl formulated with chicken, carrots, mango, blueberries and green beans; Slow Roasted Turkey Bowl formulated with turkey, carrots, sweet potato, apple, cranberry and green beans; and Slow Roasted Beef Bowl formulated with beef, carrots, potatoes, blueberries and mango. All three proteins incorporated in the NAAVI dog food line are farm-raised and US-sourced.

NAAVI diets are available in 6-oz packages, as well as 2- and 4-lb bags. All diets are shelf stable.

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