EVANSVILLE, IN — Nunn Milling Company, a manufacturer of dry pet foods and treats, launched a new kibble dog food line July 1 under its brand Butcher’s Best. The new Butcher’s Best Signature Menu line includes two Whole Grain varieties and two Sensitive Skin and Stomach varieties.

Nunn Milling’s new line is formulated with high-quality protein, whole grains and antioxidants, and contain no corn, wheat or soy.

The Whole Grain varieties are available in Beef and Chicken recipes, and the Sensitive Skin and Stomach varieties are available in Lamb Protein and Salmon Protein recipes.

The Butcher’s Best Signature Menu Sensitive varieties are specifically formulated for dogs struggling with digestive health issues. The dog food is formulated with ancient grains, easy-to-digest proteins like lamb and salmon, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and taurine to help support healthy skin and coat. The sensitive recipes are free from peas, lentils and legumes.

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