AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Conscious Pet, a new Austin-based pet food company focused on sustainability, launched this month along with its first product – DoggieBag. The dog food is formulated with upcycled human-grade ingredients.

With dog health and wellness and sustainability top of mind, DoggieBag is formulated with high-quality kitchen scraps and unused food from local restaurants, including whole chicken and pork, fruits and vegetables, as well as a vitamin and mineral supplement mix. The gently cooked dog food contains no artificial ingredients, animal meals, grains or legumes.

To create its dog food, The Conscious Pet uses a proprietary dehydration process that is powered by clean energy and produces no waste. DoggieBag is also packaged in completely compostable bags, furthering The Conscious Pet’s dedication to the environment.

Melanie MacFarlane and Jeff Paine, co-founders of Break It Down; Mason Arnold, co-founder and chief dogxecutive officer of The Conscious Pet; and Jessica Kezar, co-founder of left to right: Melanie MacFarlane and Jeff Paine, co-founders of Break It Down; Mason Arnold, co-founder and chief dogxecutive officer of The Conscious Pet; and Jessica Kezar, co-founder of (Source: The Conscious Pet)

As a collaboration by media company® and composting service Break It Down, The Conscious Pet’s co-founders have experience in the human food industry. Mason Arnold, co-founder and chief dogxecutive officer, has spent more than 15 years within the human food industry, founding Greenling and Cece’s Veggie Co, and co-founding Co-Owners Jeff Paine and Melanie MacFarlane of Break It Down have 13 years of experience in composting and recycling, helping to divert food waste from landfills and oceans.

Currently, The Conscious Pet is a member of many sustainable organizations, including the Upcycled Food Association and the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

The Conscious Pet is offering pre-orders of its new DoggieBag food via its e-commerce site with first deliveries estimated to begin at the end of June. The subscription-based dog food will be shipped directly to consumers with varying delivery frequencies available to further reduce the company’s environmental impact.

To kick off its launch, the company has created its WeFunder investment campaign, which offers local pet parents a chance to invest in The Conscious Pet. Investors will receive an opportunity to win free dog food and supplies through an affiliate program.

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