TORONTO — CULT Food Science Corp. debuted a new line of pet performance supplements: Noochies! Sprinkles. The new supplements expand upon the company’s Noochies! line.

Noochies! Sprinkles are premium pet supplements formulated with functional ingredients to support specific health concerns and issues in pets. The products are made with hand-selected, nutrient-dense, sustainable ingredients and do not contain any fillers, coloring agents or artificial preservatives.

The supplement line also uses Bmmune™, CULT’s high-protein blend of nutritional yeast, and Bflora™, CULT’s research-proven blend of probiotics designed specifically for cats and dogs. According to CULT, its Noochies! line of products, including the new supplements, is the only to feature Bmmune.

“The supplement industry has been a key driver of environmental destruction, with brands prioritizing marketing claims over any notion of sustainable or responsible ingredient sourcing practices,” said Lejjy Gafour, chief executive officer of CULT. “These supplements demonstrate that pet nutrition does not need to be unsustainable.”

The Noochies! Sprinkles line offers three supplements: Wellness Sprinkles, Joint Boost Sprinkles and Immune Sprinkles.

The Wellness Sprinkles supplement is formulated with Atlantic seaweed and Bflora, providing pets with a boost of essential vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, Omega fatty acids and prebiotic fiber. The supplement supports overall pet health and wellness.

The Joint Boost Sprinkles supplement is formulated with a fermented plant-based source of glucosamine to support joint health in dogs and cats. Typically, glucosamine is sourced from ocean wildlife, however, CULT’s glucosamine ingredient is sourced from plants, making the supplement more environmentally friendly, according to CULT.

The Immune Sprinkles supplement is formulated with a cultured blend of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics, serving as “a gastrointestinal health trifecta,” according to CULT. This supplement seeks to support immune function and gut health.

“Supplements are a very efficient way to give dogs and cats immediate wellness improvements,” said  Joshua Errett, vice president of product development at CULT. “But once again consumers are being asked to weigh their pets’ health against the health of our earth and oceans. I’m very happy Noochies! is removing that agonizing choice from the shelves.”

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