DENVER — At SuperZoo 2022, from Aug. 23 to 25, new pet supplement and treat brand O.T.I.S. launched. Focused on sustainability, O.T.I.S. offers ethically sourced and natural wet and dry supplements and treats, some formulated with CBD.

The company name stands for Overcoming Trauma, Inspiring Survivors, which originally inspired Founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Herron to launch the company.

“The idea for O.T.I.S. was solidified by a personal moment while watching our namesake, Otis, work with children suffering from trauma,” Herron said. “I experienced firsthand the incredible impact dogs have on children. After that moment, I pivoted my career to build a business that prioritizes our social cause and strives to reduce the carbon footprint of the pet industry. O.T.I.S. became the perfect opportunity to blend several of my life passions — environmental protection, dedication to the community, improving the lives of children and the dogs who bring light to our world.”

In providing functional and nutritional supplements and treats, O.T.I.S. strives to support medical dogs given to children experiencing trauma. The company also donates $1 of every product purchased to support medical dog programs at children’s hospitals.

According to the company, traditional dog formulas, like kibble, do not provide enough functional and nutritional benefits to support health and wellness in dogs. O.T.I.S.’s supplements and treats pair well with standard dog foods, providing a variety of formulas to target specific health concerns. The company currently offers a variety of product lines: Liquid Supplements, Liquid Love, Wild Things, Wild Things Jerky and Soft Chews.

The Liquid Supplement is formulated with glucosamine, chamomile and other functional ingredients to support overall dog health. The supplement is available in three varieties: Sit, a calming formula; Stay, a formula that supports overall health and longevity; and Fetch, to support mobility.

Liquid Love is an herbal tincture formulated with organic hemp-derived CBD oil and Omega 3 fatty acids. The liquid supplement is also available in the Sit, Stay and Fetch formulas.

Formulated with sustainable and novel proteins, Wild Things is sourced from dried bison lung as a treat specifically designed for walks, dog parks and other on-the-go adventures. The treat offers functional benefits and is also available in a jerky format. Wild Things Jerky is formulated with bison, venison and elk proteins, as well as upcycled flaxseed to reduce food waste.

O.T.I.S. also offers a line of Soft Chews available in its Sit, Stay and Fetch formulas. The chews are also available in two Sit + CBD varieties, one for small- to medium-sized dogs and another for medium- to large-sized dogs.

The company’s products and packaging are all developed with sustainability top-of-mind. Most of its product packaging is made with recyclable materials, including post-consumer (PCR) materials, bio-based plant resins or glass, to help reduce packaging waste. The company also produces some of its products in a renewable energy facility in Hayden, Colo.

O.T.I.S.’s products are available online via its e-commerce platform and Amazon.

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