TORONTO — On May 17, HOPE Pet Food launched two new treat flavors, expanding its line of dog biscuits. The new Berry Chill and Berry Nutty dog biscuits are made from insect-based proteins, offering sustainability and health benefits.

HOPE Pet Food originally entered the pet nutrition market with the launch of its Berry Buglicious dog treat in late 2021. The company’s treats are made from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) proteins, among other sustainable ingredients.

“We’re excited to offer more nutritious and sustainable goodies for dogs with black soldier fly protein as the main protein source,” said Sofia Bonilla, Ph.D., founder and chief executive officer of HOPE Pet Food. “As we continue to work on closing the gap between nutritious and sustainable pet food, providing more options for dog parents to get eco-friendly nutrition is key, we now have more options for dog parents to choose from, whether they are looking for grain-inclusive or grain-free, crunchy or soft, they can now find HOPE, proudly made in Canada with premium natural and truly eco-friendly ingredients.”

Similar to its original Berry Buglicious dog treats, the new biscuit treats are oven-baked and offer functional health benefits, targeting gut health and supporting calm behavior. Leveraging BSFL, the treats also offer a hypoallergenic source of protein complete with all 10 essential amino acids and other essential nutrients, like calcium and fatty acids.

The new Berry Chill biscuit is formulated with organic ashwagandha and chamomile, both of which are known for having calming and anti-anxiety properties. The treat also contains blueberries, oats and insect protein. The new Berry Nutty treat flavor is formulated with natural peanut butter, cranberries, prebiotic fiber and insect protein to support gut health.

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