HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. — Women-owned Healthy Paws Pet Company, Inc. recently launched a new line of functional dog treats — Pawmier. The line offers three varieties of soft-baked cookie treats, each boasting a health benefit.

The Pawmier treats are formulated with organic superfoods, including sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots and flaxseed. The low-calorie treats are also free from grains, meat and peas.

“Having spent over 20 years in the food industry and being a dog mom of two, I saw an opportunity to bring health and wellness to our pets,” said Alissa Crockett, founder and chief executive officer of Healthy Paws Pet Company. “Like humans, our pets’ health starts with what we feed them. My fur babies had minor skin and joint issues and while there were some functional and ‘natural’ foods available, nothing was made from organic ingredients. Our Pawmier treats are organic, functional, low calorie and they are sized to be digestible for any size dog at any age.”

The Pawmier line of treats includes three formulas: Skin & Coat Support, Hip & Joint Support and Immunity Support. The cookie treats are baked in the United States and can be broken into smaller pieces for easier chewing for smaller and older dogs.

“This is the first of many healthy food and wellness options we’ll be bringing to the broader pet community over the next year,” Crockett said.

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