HENLEY-IN-ARDEN, UNITED KINGDOM — Percuro Pet Food, a British brand offering insect-based dog food formulas, launched new insect protein dog treats on Dec. 23. The treats, Snappies, are disc-shaped and designed to snap easily, allowing pet owners to feed the whole biscuit at once or in portions during training.

The formula is hypoallergenic and each ingredient used in its insect-based product portfolio is “planet-friendly,” according to the company. Each treat is 10 calories and the formulation includes 26% insect protein, dried potato flakes, naked oats and green peas as the first few ingredients.

"Livestock accounts for almost 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and is a global concern,” said Brett Vye, chief executive officer at Percuro Pet Food. “Insect protein is a safe, practical, and eco-friendly alternative for animal nutrition. Percuro uses only Hermetia illucens [black soldier fly] dried larvae which is high in protein and rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and nutrients, making it the perfect alternative to unsustainable, traditional meat-based treats.”

Additionally, the packaging for Snappies is fully recyclable. Snappies can be purchased at a “special introductory price” from the company’s website, www.percuro.earth.

"Our pets are much-loved family members and Percuro is committed to providing them with a healthy sustainable diet, and that includes treats," Vye said. "Our 'Snappies' treats offer the highest quality nutrition with a proprietary blend of hypoallergenic ingredients, carefully selected to help reduce inflammation and optimise digestion. By oven baking, we have created an innovative, delicious dog treat which is easy to break and provides the pet owner the flexibility to control their dog's calorie intake in between meals, without costing the earth."

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