INDIANAPOLIS — Scout & Zoe’s, a US pet food and treat brand, has launched its latest product line, Super Fly for dogs. They are the company’s first insect-based products and include a whole-larvae treat, a dry powdered larvae meal topper, and a dried black soldier fly larvae jerky treat.

“At Scout & Zoe’s, we take a thoughtful, well-rounded approach to pet treat development,” said Cindy Dunston Quirk, chief executive officer of Scout & Zoe’s. “We’re not just looking at making tasty treats and food, though that is important. We want to make things that are delicious, full of nutrients and beneficial to our earth.

“Our Super Fly products are able to make a positive environmental impact and positively impact the pets who eat them, too,” Dunston Quirk continued. “With sustainability as one of our core values, we’re thrilled to utilize these little larvae in an innovative way that takes advantage of their small carbon footprint.”

Black soldier fly larvae offer several environmental and nutritional benefits for pets, including a smaller environmental footprint and less waste compared to traditional protein sources. Scout & Zoe’s reported one acre of these insect larvae can produce as much protein as 3,000 acres of cattle, while omitting significantly less greenhouse gases. According to the company, cattle account for 10% of total greenhouse gases produced annually.

Dried black soldier fly larvae is the only ingredient featured in all three of Scout & Zoe’s new Super Fly products. The company said these products are high in protein, lauric acid and amino acids. They are produced without pesticides, grains or chemicals, and complement the brand’s other sustainably inclined pet food and treat products for dogs, cats, birds and other small companion animals.

Scout & Zoe’s sources and produces its pet food and treat products in the United States. It offers a line of raw complete-and-balanced diets for dogs, rawhide chews, freeze-dried and baked treats and toppers, and a line of Asian carp-based pet nutrition products to combat an invasive species impacting Midwest waterways.

The company employs people with intellectual disabilities to package and label its products at the Hopewell Center in Anderson, Ind. Its carp-based products are manufactured at a facility that employs people with prison records to support gainful employment.

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