ORLANDO, FLA. — Zesty Paws launched a new line of veterinarian-formulated pet supplements — Zesty Paws® Vet Strength. The new supplement line offers three formulas to address hip and joint, immune and gut health.

The Zesty Paws Vet Strength line builds upon the brand’s Aller-Immune, Mobility, and Pre, Pro and Postbiotic Bites formulas, which are boosted with highly concentrated ingredients. The new formulas were developed in partnership with veterinarians and are available in a variety of recipes.

“With clinically studied branded ingredients and input from trusted veterinarians, the Vet Strength line is a true testament to our commitment to keeping your bestie feeling zesty,” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of North America at H&H Group, parent company of Zesty Paws. “We value the trust that pet parents have in Zesty Paws and are confident that this new line can continue to support a pet’s health journey using unique ingredients to deliver powerful results.”

The new line boasts three formulas:

  • Zesty Paws Vet Strength Aller-Immune Bites, available in a smoked cheese flavor, contain a proprietary blend of Spirulina, Epicor® and vitamin C to support immune and respiratory health, as well as help maintain normal histamine levels.
  • Zesty Paws Vet Strength Mobility Bites, available in a beef and bacon flavor, contain branded ingredients, including OptiMSM®, BiovaPlex® and Serrazimes, to help maintain joint lubrication and resiliency.
  • Zesty Paws Vet Strength Pre, Pro and Postbiotic Bites, available in a chicken and vegetable flavor, contain Vitafiber® IMO, DE111, Gingever®, and LBiome® to support digestion and immune health by maintaining normal gut microflora.

“I’m proud to have been part of the process to develop this line for pet parents looking for a powerful way to optimize their dog’s health with extra supplementation from the comfort of their home,” said Lindsay Butzer, DVM. “The powerful ingredients in each of the formulas in the Zesty Paws Vet Strength line provides advanced, at-home support and are an effective way to keep pets feeling their best between routine vet visits.”

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