ORLANDO, FLA. — Zesty Paws is bringing small dogs into the fold with its latest functional supplement line, Mini Bites. The new line features three of the company’s best-selling formulations — Advanced Calming Mini Bites, Aller-Immune Mini Bites and 8-in-1 Mini Bites — each sized down to accommodate smaller breeds.

The Advanced Calming Mini Bites formula includes Sensoril® ashwagandha, Suntheanine® L-theanine, chamomile, melatonin, valerian root, hemp seed powder and L-typtophan to promote calmness. The Aller-Immune Mini Bites feature colostrum, salmon oil and a gut health blend with five strains of probiotics to target overall wellness, including immune system health, gut health and relief from seasonal allergies. The 8-in-1 Mini Bites are formulated with glucosamine HCI from shellfish, cod liver oil, OptiMSM®, a proprietary digestive health blend and antioxidants to support mobility, heart health, digestion, liver health, immunity and performance.

"We understand that pet parents treat their pets like their kids and would do everything within their means to keep their pets healthy and happy longer," said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of Zesty Paws. "According to several sources, the majority of pet parents own small and medium breed dogs. That's why we are pleased to bring pet parents of smaller dogs our new Mini Bites that are catered to their size with the same great products that they have come to expect from Zesty Paws.”

The Mini Bites line will be sold on Zesty Paws’ website, as well as through Amazon.com, Chewy.com and PetSmart.

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