ORLANDO, FLA. — Zesty Paws® launched its latest pet supplement line, Lil’ Zesties Squares™ on Sept. 22, which includes four solutions-based formulas for dogs with allergies, environmental stress, gastrointestinal and mobility issues.

All formulas come in a smoked turkey flavor, but each one targets a different area of health and wellness in dogs. Lil’ Zesties Aller-Immune Squares are formulated with turmeric, licorice root and EpiCor®, a proprietary postbiotic fermentate to support immune system health and maintain healthy histamine levels.

Lil’ Zesties Calming Squares formula targets nervouseness, hyperactivity or environmental stress. These supplements are formulated with chamomile, melatonin and Sensoril®, an Ashwagandha-based ingredient that has anti-stress properties.

Zesty Paws’ Mobility Squares address mobility issues and are formulated with glucosamine HCI, chrondroitin sulfate, and OptiMSM®, an MSM ingredient by Bergstrom Nutrition that supports healthy joint and hip function, as well as cartilage and connective tissue.

Finally, Lil’ Zesties Probiotic Squares are formulated with ginger and GanedenBC30®, a natural probiotic ingredient to help dogs maintain beneficial bacteria for digestion and immune system health.

“Through our proprietary approach, we’re pleased to bring to market a product that will help support key functional areas in dogs while also being a mouth-watering, smokey dog chew in a new flat square format,” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of Zesty Paws. “We know these delicious functional chews live up to our promise to help you ‘Keep Your Bestie Feeling Zesty™.’”

All four Lil’ Zesties Squares formulas are available for purchase online through Amazon, Chewy, and ZestyPaws.com.

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