LONDON — Kisaco Research, a business-to-business conference producer, revealed the 12 pet care startups that will be presenting at the Best in Show Spotlight during the Petcare Innovation Summit, occurring from May 17 to 18 in London. Among the 12 startups are pet food companies VetChef, Schews, THE PACK and petgood.

The Best in Show Spotlight helps connect investors with European startups to promote further innovation and partnerships within the pet care industry.

VetChef's nutritional dog supplementsSource: VetChef

Founded by veterinarian Joe Inglis, BVSc, MRCVS, VetChef offers veterinarian-developed dog food products. The startup’s current product portfolio spans nutritional supplements and treat kits that are made by the consumer.

VetChef also offers nutritional consultations, the My VetChef recipe app and the VetChef Pro program that provides prescription recipes, nutritional supplements and support to veterinarians.

Schews' Schilettos dental dog chewsSource: Schews

Schews is a 100% vegan and organic dental dog chew startup. According to Schews, its chews contain no animal products or derivatives, which can help reduce allergies, increase energy, improve digestion and support healthy skin and coat in dogs. The company’s shoe-shaped dental chews use natural, plant-based ingredients to help decrease tartar build-up and plaque while also freshening a dog’s breath.

Currently, the company’s portfolio consists of Schilettos, Schliders, Schneakers and Schlippers, all of which mimic the shape of different shoes.

THE PACK's vegan dog foodSource: THE PACK

THE PACK, founded in 2020, is a sustainable, vegan dog food company. The company’s dog food is science and plant based and is developed with the help of animal nutritionists. As part of its commitment to sustainability, THE PACK uses environmentally friendly packaging. Currently, the startup’s product portfolio consists of its Tasty Meals line, offering complete-and-balanced vegan formulas in three varieties. According to THE PACK, its vegan dog food is formulated with lupin beans, pea protein, seaweed, hemp seeds, algal oil, brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds, and fruits and vegetables.

petgood's insect-based puppy kibbleSource: petgood

Sweden-based petgood, a pet food technology company, develops insect-based dog food. According to petgood, insect protein from black solider fly larvae is high quality, highly digestible, good for sensitive stomachs, and contains all of a dog’s essential amino acids. Black solider fly larvae produces up to 94% less carbon dioxide emissions, uses up to 93% less water and land and decreases the amount of food waste compared to other protein sources, according to petfood. The company sources black solider fly larvae from a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certified supplier to create its insect-based adult dog and puppy kibbles and dental stick treats. Outside of pet food, the company also provides dog waste bags and a sustainable dog toy.

As well as VetChef, Schews, THE PACK and petgood, the Best in Show Spotlight will also feature pet care startups AnimoScope, Affordable Pet Labs, HiPets, ControlPoint Diagnostics, InterPets, Tuft, Wild for Dogs and Cuddly.

Sponsors and partners of Kisaco’s Petcare Innovation Summit include Zoetis, Houlihan Lokey, Purina’s accelerator Unleashed, FirstVet, Kinship and Mars Petcare.

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