NORWALK, CONN. — Gut-focused dog wellness company Get Joy has introduced a new line of supplement products targeting gut health and digestion, joint and mobility support, and stress and anxiety management.

The new line was formulated in partnership with a team of Ph.D. animal nutritionists to support total wellness and longevity in dogs. Each formula is a daily chew that delivers both active and inactive ingredients to support these three areas of health and wellbeing.

“Even if your dog eats really well, there are gaps in their nutrition, just like a human,” said Tom Arrix, founder and chief executive officer of Get Joy. “If I think about my dog Theo, I’d much rather him use supplements as he ages, rather than when it’s too late. At Get Joy, we believe in taking a holistic and preventative approach to dog wellness.”

The Gut+ supplement formula features Omega 3 from algae to address inflammation, ginger extract to help the body fend off pathogens, and biotics to support the gut microbiome. The Calm+ supplement formula includes valerian root, chamomile, Omega 3 from algae, and passionflower to promote brain function and healthy stress responses in a dog’s body. The Joint+ supplement was formulated for the one in three dogs that develop join pain as they age, providing support for cartilage, joint tissue and inflammation.

Get Joy's new supplements for dogsSource: Get Joy

“Our supplement chews support your dog’s overall health and longevity through targeted gut, joint and stress care,” Arrix added. “We worked with Ph.D. animal nutritionists to develop the best in class, science-backed formulas that truly take wellness beyond the bowl.”

Pet owners who purchase Get Joy’s new dog supplements will also receive a custom refillable jar for storing the product.

The new supplement line complements Get Joy’s existing portfolio of all-natural fresh and freeze-dried diets and superfood treats.

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