MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. — Science-based pet nutrition company Pet Matrx launched three new dog food topper supplements on Feb. 20. The nutritional supplements offer bioavailability benefits and can also help increase nutrient absorption.

The new supplement toppers leverage Pet Matrx’s proprietary Cell Matrix Delivery® method, which bypasses a dog’s digestive system, allowing lipids to be delivered directly to cells that need enhanced support. The method allows dogs to utilize as much of an ingredient as possible.

“Some of the best ingredients in supplements today are difficult for our four-legged friends to benefit from because they’re hard to digest,” said Will Bohuslavizki, co-founder and chief executive officer of Pet Matrx. “We developed our Cell Matrix Delivery method to bypass the digestive system using the same cutting-edge science that has advanced human health and wellness, ensuring those healthy ingredients are delivered directly to the cells that need them with little-to-no waste.” 

Formulated by a biochemist, the supplements are oil- and CBD-free. They are available in three varieties, targeting gut, immune, cognitive, nervous system and joint health.

The Protect Dog Food Topper is designed for dogs that experience digestive issues. The topper seeks to support stool and inflammatory gut issues, yeast overgrowth, bloating, bad breath and more.

The Think Dog Food Topper contains natural active ingredients to help support a dog’s nervous system and promote calmness. The topper is designed for dogs experiencing stress or exhibiting behavioral challenges.

The Move Dog Food Topper is specifically designed for dogs that experience joint discomfort, aches and inflammation that inhibit their overall mobility. The topper promotes relief so dogs can move with more ease. It can also serve as a preventive supplement before pain is visible.

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