EASTON, PA. — Phillips Pet Food & Supplies announced late last month it has partnered with Get Joy, a holistic dog wellness brand, to distribute its products to independent pet retailers across the United States. The partnership is expected to advance Get Joy’s omnichannel strategy, which includes both in-store retail and direct-to-consumer.

Founded in 2019, Get Joy offers science-backed products that revolve around supporting gut health through nutrition. The company’s portfolio includes Freeze Dried Meals, a shelf-stable line formulated with pre-, pro- and postbiotics to support digestibility and longevity; Fresh Meals, a gently cooked line of human-grade formulas designed for sensitive stomachs; and Freeze Dried Superfood Treats and Chews, a line of single-ingredient organ meat treats designed for training or treating, as well as longer-lasting chews to provide mental stimulation.

Additionally, Get Joy is teasing the launch of its new line of Supplement Chews, which will target gut health, joint support, and stress relief through both active and inactive science-backed ingredients, according to the company. Its Freeze Dried Meals, Fresh Meals and Supplement Chews are formulated by George Fahey, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, and a team of animal nutritionists.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Get Joy, a brand committed to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners,” said Jessica Morris, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising at Phillips. “By incorporating Get Joy’s holistic offerings into our distribution network, we aim to provide independent pet retailers with premium products that resonate with today’s pet owners, prioritizing their companions’ overall health and happiness.”

Phillips will now carry Get Joy’s entire product line to more than 6,000 retailers across the country. The brand will be added to Phillips’ warehouses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Michigan, California and Oregon.

“At Get Joy, our mission is to provide dogs and their owners with the tools they need to thrive together,” said Tom Arrix, founder and chief executive officer of Get Joy. “We’re excited to partner with Phillips to bring our holistic wellness ecosystem to even more pet owners nationwide. We believe canine-focused businesses in local communities is where dog wellness evolves, which is why working with Phillips makes perfect sense. We’re able to offer our products to independent pet retailers across the country. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to prioritizing the overall wellbeing of dogs, focusing on their gut health, digestion and immunity.”

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