WATERTOWN, MASS. — ButcherBox, a direct-to-consumer meat and seafood brand, announced its entrance into the pet industry through the launch of its new line — ButcherBox For Pets. The line includes complete-and-balanced dry food, treats, and hip and joint supplements for dogs.

ButcherBox For Pets was developed using expertise from clinical veterinarians and follows the same high-quality standards as ButcherBox. The brand only uses humanely raised and sustainable proteins sourced directly from partners with third-party animal welfare certifications. ButcherBox is B Corp certified.

The brand will now leverage its expertise to provide high-quality products for pets.

“Nearly 60% of ButcherBox customers have a dog in their home, which was the initial draw to the pet market for us,” said Bobby Quirk, president of ButcherBox For Pets. “As a business, we pride ourselves on being able to take customer feedback and implement it into our research and development process. Customers told us that they were equally interested in feeding their pets, specifically dogs, a high-quality product similar to their own diets. This is a prime example of this feedback loop coming full circle.”

ButcherBox For Pets offers a new complete-and-balanced meal for dogs, in addition to treats and supplementsSource: ButcherBox For Pets

ButcherBox For Pets’ treats and hip and joint supplement products have been available exclusively to ButcherBox customers for the past year, drawing $750,000 in sales, according to ButcherBox. This rollout marks a complete line of products for pets, as well as a new way to purchase via the standalone site ButcherBoxForPets.com.

“What we’ve learned in this process, is that most food or meat companies do not want to put their branding on the label of the pet food, or treats, they are selling,” said Mike Salguero, founder and chief executive officer of ButcherBox. “We are proud of the work we’ve put into sourcing high-quality, humanely raised meat for this line of products and we want consumers to know that by seeing our brand front and center on the package means they can trust where and how it was sourced.”

The ButcherBox For Pets line now includes a dry, complete-and-balanced formula, which will be available via subscription. The food is formulated with organic, free-range ButcherBox chicken for high protein; yeast culture to support food transition; optimal levels of fiber to support gut and immune health; low levels of fat to ensure an ideal body weight; and antioxidants to support overall health. According to ButcherBox, the formula does not include any artificial flavors or preservatives, nor antibiotics or added hormones.

The treats and supplements will be available as optional add-on purchases. ButcherBox plans to further extend the ButcherBox For Pets line in the coming year with additional treats, supplements, meal toppers and other food products, as well as an offering for felines.

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