BOULDER, COLO. — On Oct. 13, BIXBI officially launched its latest line of dry dog foods, LIBERTY®. The line includes six formulas including ancient grain-inclusive, grain-free and small-breed options.

The diets are designed to offer an affordable option for pet owners while not compromising nutritional quality. They include fresh meat ingredients and are steam cooked at low temperatures to preserve nutrients.

LIBERTY diets include an Original recipe with fresh turkey, chicken and trout; a Beef recipe with fresh beef; a Small-Breed Chicken recipe with fresh chicken, featuring smaller individual kibbles for smaller dogs; Fisherman’s Catch recipe with fresh trout; Game Bird Feast recipe with fresh turkey, quail and duck; and Rancher’s Red, which includes fresh beef, lamb and goat proteins.

All diets are formulated without soy, corn, rice or wheat. All animal protein sources are 100% fresh and USDA-inspected.

“Real nutrition is at the heart of everything we do, and that’s the BIXBI difference,” said James Crouch, founder and chief executive officer of BIXBI. “LIBERTY is our next step in making healthy dog food even more accessible to dog owners across the country. Fresh meat is essential to ensuring our dogs get the most nutrition out of their food, and now with LIBERTY, we’re lowering the point of entry for consumers with the most affordable option that includes absolutely no meat meals.”

The diets are manufactured in the United States. All BIXBI diets, including those in its new LIBERTY line, are manufactured with 100% whole food ingredients, eliminating the use of powdered meals or fillers.

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