SAN DIEGO — CV Sciences, Inc., a consumer wellness company specializing in hemp extracts and other science-backed ingredients, launched its CBD chew line for pets on March 26. The +PlusCBD™Pet line includes chew treats designed to support wellness in dogs by leveraging cannabidiol (CBD) to target common issues in canines.

According to CV Sciences, the pet wellness segment has witnessed growing demand for more natural alternatives to support pet wellbeing, like those offered by hemp and CBD. With pet parents using CBD for their ailments, many have begun applying the compound to their pets. Additionally, a recent study by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) showed that CBD is safe for use in healthy dogs. 

To meet pet parent demand, CV Sciences has created its +PlusCBD™Pet line, a premium CBD chew line that is THC-free and safe for four-legged companions. 

“The NASC's comprehensive safety study further validates CBD supplements to promote the health and wellness of our family pets,” said Joseph Dowling, chief executive officer of CV Sciences. “Our long-standing commitment to quality and safety will provide pet owners with products they can trust. We are immensely proud to offer CBD chews that not only meet our rigorous standards, but also exceed industry benchmarks for safety and efficacy.”

The +PlusCBD™Pet line includes two formulas: Hip and Joint Health Chews and Calming Care Chews. According to CV Sciences, the chews use therapeutic properties offered by CBD derived from organic hemp plants. They are also formulated with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and vital supplements to help enhance wellbeing. 

Each CBD chew has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories, according to CV Sciences, to ensure purity, potency and compliance with the NASC’s quality standards. CV Sciences’ new CBD chews home in on joint and stress issues, as these health issues are common in canines. According to CV Sciences, approximately one in five dogs deal with joint pain and more than 70% of dogs exhibit at least one anxiety-related behavior or habit. 

+PlusCBD™ Pet Hip and Joint Health Chews combine premium, hemp extract with other beneficial ingredients, including glucosamine, turmeric, rosehips and ginger root to provide relief to dogs that experience joint pain due to age or discomfort from physical activity. 

+PlusCBD™ Pet Calming Care Chews pair premium hemp extract with chamomile, L-Tryptophan, ginger root and L-Theanine to help promote relaxation in dogs suffering from anxiety and stress triggered by owner separation, loud noises and environmental changes. 

CV Sciences’ +PlusCBD™Pet line is available at select retailers throughout the United States and via the company’s website. 

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