LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND — Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe announced earlier this month it has launched its first carbon reduced cat food offerings: Purina ONE DualNature. The new line is part of Nestlé’s goal to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

The range includes two formulas — Purina ONE DualNature Chicken with Cranberry, and Purina ONE DualNature Salmon with Spirulina. The inclusion of cranberries and spirulina aim to support overall health and wellness in cats, with cranberries as a common source of antioxidants and spirulina as a natural solution for supporting immune function. Carbon reduction benefits of the diets come from reevaluated manufacturing, formulations, logistics and packaging by Nestlé Purina.

According to the company, the range boasts a 15.7% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the company’s 2019 baseline. Measurements are based on a full life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted by the company, which measures a product’s full environmental impact based on a number of factors.

“At Purina, we’re committed to producing healthy, nutritious pet food that you can trustut that’s not all,” said Fabio Degli Esposti, marketing director for Purina Europe. “We believe the health of our environment is as important as providing high-quality pet food products. Purina ONE DualNature is the first Purina product range that has announced a reduction of its carbon footprint, but it’s just the beginning. Purina Europe is striving to contribute towards Nestlé’s wider ambition of reducing its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030.”

Nestlé Purina has purchased renewable electricity to fuel the pet food factories that produce the Purina ONE DualNature line, and ingredients for each formula were selected with carbon footprint in mind without compromising nutritional quality or palatability.

The diets are packaged in mono-material bags made with 40% recycled plastic, which are recyclable via curbside in Ireland and in select brick-and-mortar stores across the United Kingdom. Purina is also shying away from the use of virgin plastic in its packaging for the DualNature range. These efforts align with the company’s mission to convert at least 95% of its packaging to recyclable options by 2025.

Additionally, Purina ONE DualNature diets will be transported across countries through multimodal transport, leveraging both road and rail systems wherever infrastructure allows.

South Pole, a third-party verifier of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission projects and strategies, has validated the company’s efforts against the latest climate science, according to Purina.

“Our journey goes on and we’ll be working to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over the coming time, so that pet owners can confidently choose products that contribute positively to both their pets and the environment,” Esposti added.

Purina ONE DualNature is currently being rolled out in select markets across Europe.

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