VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Nestlé Purina PetCare announced Nov. 5 it is launching a new line of pet food formulas to contribute to its overarching environmental initiatives. The new line, Beyond Nature’s Protein, will include alternative protein sources including insect proteins and plant proteins from millet and fava beans.

The line, which currently includes two formulas, will be launched in Switzerland in November. The formulations, developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, include a chicken, pig liver and millet recipe, and an insect protein, chicken and fava bean formula. Each recipe is available for dogs and cats.

"Every ingredient in our food serves a purpose,” said Bernard Meunier, chief executive officer of Nestlé Purina PetCare EMENA. “With our new Beyond Nature's Protein dry pet food, we are offering a complete nutritious alternative to conventional dog and cat products, while taking care of the planet's precious resources by diversifying the protein sources. We're constantly looking at ways in which we can source sustainably for the longer-term while still delivering the high-quality nutrition that pets need today and tomorrow."

Beyond Nature’s Protein formulas are complete-and-balanced and consider the different nutritional needs and palatability preferences of dogs and cats. The formulas promote digestibility and high nutrient quality, according to Nestlé.

Additionally, Purina has partnered with Reforest’Action to plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia, for every Beyond Nature’s Protein product sold. The brand’s impact on reforestation efforts will be tracked on the Reforest’Action website.

So far, sales of Purina’s new Beyond brand have enabled the planting of 2,800 trees in the area, created 8,400 shelters for animals in the area, generated 11,200 months of oxygen, and created 2,800 hours of employment for planters, according to Reforest’Action.

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