AUBURN, KY. — On Sept. 20, Champion Petfoods’ ACANA brand launched its new Chewy Tenders dog treats. The new treats boast a high protein content and offer functional health benefits.

The new ACANA™ Chewy Tenders are premium jerky treats formulated with superfoods, bone broth, honey and other functional ingredients to support overall health and wellness in dogs. The line includes three varieties, each in 4-oz resealable pouches:

  • Immune System Support, a chicken recipe made with 90% animal-based ingredients, cranberries, vitamins C and E to support immune health.
  • Hip and Joint Health, a beef recipe made with 90% animal-based ingredients, algal oil and omega 3 fatty acids to promote hip and joint health.
  • Skin, Coat and Digestive Support, a salmon recipe made with 85% animal-based ingredients, omega 3 fatty acids and pumpkin to support skin and coat, as well as digestive function.

“ACANA™ Chewy Tenders were designed for pet lovers who are looking for indulgent meat treats made with higher-quality ingredients,” said Keith Arnold, director of innovation at Champion Petfoods. “Pet lovers want to give their dogs treats that not only taste good, but also support their dogs’ health. With ACANA™ Chewy Tenders, ACANA® High-Protein Crunchy Biscuits and ACANA® Freeze-Dried Dog Treats, we now offer pet lovers a complete assortment that balances peak nutrition, quality ingredients, functional benefits — and tastes dogs will love.”

The new Chewy Tenders dog treats are available in-store and online via Petco, Chewy and Amazon, as well as at select neighborhood pet stores.

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