MALIBU, CALIF. — MIGOS DOG, a fresh dog food brand started by celebrity chef and cookbook author Caroline Artiss, unveiled a new line of dog treats at SUPERZOO 2023 from Aug. 16 to 18. The new line, MIGOS JERKY, complements the company’s existing portfolio of flash-frozen dog food and a powdered nutritional supplement.

The new jerky line features four products — Beef Heart Jerky, Angus Beef Jerky, Beef Liver Jerky, and Turkey Breast Jerky. Each formula in the line is single-ingredient, oven-roasted, and free from antibiotics and preservatives. The treat line is human-grade and 100% natural.

MIGOS DOG offers five varieties of flash-frozen, complete-and-balanced dog food formulas, all of which are formulated to support gut health. Formulas include Beef Entrée, Duck Entrée, Chicken Entrée, Salmon Entrée, and Puppy Entrée. Each recipe is formulated without corn, wheat, soy, fillers, preservatives or byproducts, according to MIGOS DOG.

The company also offers a nutritional supplement powder — All-in-One Dog Supplement — to support longevity, vitality and immunity. The supplement is formulated with a veterinary nutritionist-developed blend of vitamins and minerals, and is intended to be added to a home-cooked dog meal to make it complete-and-balanced.

According to MIGOS DOG, all ingredients used in its fresh dog food formulas are steamed, pureed and flash-frozen.

“My goal is to produce the highest quality dog food and treats that a human can eat,” Artiss said. “When our customers kept asking us to make all-natural dog treats, we answered their demands by creating a single-processed jerky that has dogs begging for more. There’s no rocket science, it’s just oven roasted meats prepared without salt or preservatives that can literally keep as emergency protein food. We’re excited to launch our MIGOS Jerky Treats at SUPERZOO and to start sharing them with dogs across the country.”

MIGOS Jerky Treats can be purchased online on the company’s website for delivery across the United States. The company’s fresh dog foods are available in the Greater Los Angeles area and in select Erewhon and Healthy Spot retail locations, and its All-in-One Dog Supplement is available online for nationwide shipping.

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