PIPERSVILLE, PA. — Saint Rocco’s Treats (SRT) announced its new line of all-natural, limited-ingredient treats: Healthy 8. The artisanal treats are made with five ingredients and are available in eight flavors: Meat Lover, Cheeseburger, Chicken and Sweets, Nuts and Beef, Helt’s Honey, Carnivores’ Choice, Pepperoni Pizza and Savory Red Meat.

Founded in May 2020, SRT’s treats are formulated using fresh, human-grade ingredients. The treats are produced in small batches weekly at the brand’s gourmet dog kitchen concept facility, which ensures high quality and provides processing transparency to consumers.

Kolby and Kaleb Rush, co-founders of Saint Rocco's Treats.Kolby and Kaleb Rush, co-founders of Saint Rocco's Treats. (Photo courtesy of Saint Rocco's Treats)

“While many companies have brought human-grade pet consumables to market, we saw a need among pet parents for increased transparency in the dog treats and food their furry friends eat,” said Kaleb Rush, co-founder of SRT.

The new jerky-style treats are available in 16-oz and 32-oz packages for $19.99 and $34.99, as well as chicken and beef sampler boxes for $19.99.

“Our brand and gourmet dog kitchens aim to address this unmet need and combat the industry's lack of production and ingredient transparency,” said Kolby Rush, co-founder of SRT.

Alongside the new Healthy 8 treat line, the brand offers meal topper sprinkles and venison bones. SRT’s products are available at more than 120 independent retailers throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, including Bill’s Wonderland of Pets, Dogs and Cats Rule, Monster Pets, Amelie’s Bark Shop, Johnson’s Corner Farm and others.

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