MINNEAPOLIS — Calming pet supplement brand Kradle® announced its best-selling products for dogs are now available at PetSmart. According to the brand, the retail expansion will allow it to further its mission of helping pets through stressful situations, like the upcoming Fourth of July holiday.

“We recognize how stressful this time of year is for pet parents and their pets,” said Jackie Borders, vice president of sales at Kradle. “Around 45% of dogs show signs of fear in response to fireworks, including panting, pacing, trembling, hiding, and, in extreme cases, escaping. With easy access to a diverse selection of our calming products, PetSmart shoppers can feel confident in keeping their pet relaxed during this year’s Fourth of July celebrations.”

Kradle’s Calming Chews, Bliss Bar Soft Bakes and Sleepy CleanZzz Dental Chews for dogs are now available at PetSmart retail locations throughout the United States. The products are formulated with CBD to help promote relaxation in dogs.

“We are thrilled to partner with PetSmart, a trusted leader in the pet category,” said Ellen Forsyth, chief customer officer at Kradle. “This partnership is a crucial stage of growth for Kradle and reflects the efforts we have been building upon since our launch in 2020 to deliver innovative, easy-to-use calming solutions to as many pet parents and their beloved pets as possible.”

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