MINNEAPOLIS — Kradle®, a CBD-infused pet product brand specifically targeting stress and anxiety relief in dogs, launched two new products on May 25, including a soft-baked breakable bar treat and a durable hard chew.

Both new products are intended for on-the-go stress relief. They are formulated with the company’s patent-pending BotaniTek™ ingredient, which includes broad-spectrum CBD and other calming ingredients.

Kradle’s Bliss Bar™ CBD Soft Bakes include real peanut butter in a soft, breakable bar format. Each bar can be split into three pieces and contains a total of 15 mg of CBD.

The company’s longer-lasting dental chews, Chillers™, are formulated with bacon flavoring and 10 mg of CBD each. Chillers can also be broken in half for dosing.

"We're incredibly proud and excited to bring our Bliss Bars and Chillers to pet parents everywhere,” said Bryan Radtke, chief executive officer of Kradle. “Our goal since launching Kradle last June has been to offer pet parents easy-to-use, no guesswork calming products their dogs will love. Bliss Bars & Chillers are perfect examples of that… easy single-unit dosing, the highest quality ingredients, and a taste & texture dogs are absolutely crazy about."

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