BOLTON, ONTARIO — Mars Petcare’s premium cat nutrition brand SHEBA® launched its products into Canada, offering Canadian cat parents wet formulas through its SHEBA BISTRO line. Alongside the international expansion, SHEBA is also furthering its coral reef restoration program, Sheba Hope Grows™.

The SHEBA BISTRO line offers a variety of wet diets for cats, focused on providing complete-and-balanced nutrition through gourmet recipes. The line includes cuts in gravy and pate formats with a variety of flavors, including Chicken in Alfredo Sauce, Salmon in Creamy Sauce, Gourmet Salmon & Chicken, Savory Salmon & Tuna, White Fish & Tuna, and Signature Seafood.

The entire SHEBA BISTRO line, which includes nine products, is now available in Canada.

To celebrate its entrance into the Canadian market, SHEBA has launched an immersive multisensory experience to raise awareness of its coral reef restoration program. The new Sheba Hope Grows Experience is an exhibit in Toronto featuring an underwater simulation of HOPE, Sheba’s first reef restoration project. The exhibit allows guests to learn about healthy coral reefs and how the Sheba brand is working to restore them.

Alongside the launch of the Sheba Hope Grows Experience, the brand has partnered with The Maldives Coral Institute, a science-led organization that strives to restore coral reefs by helping them survive and adapt to the changing climate. Through its partnership with the institute, SHEBA is funding a community-led reef restoration project in The Maldives.

“By taking action to restore coral reefs today, we are protecting our oceans for generations to come,” said Daniel Calderoni, general manager of Mars Pet Nutrition Canada. “We want to have a positive impact on future ocean health and, therefore, are focused on restoring the most biodiverse and critically endangered marine ecosystems because we know that more coral today means more fish tomorrow.”

SHEBA introduced its first reef restoration project — HOPE Reef — two years ago in Indonesia. According to the brand, that project served as a catalyst for a more global movement to restore and preserve reefs. The original project built a reef, which spells out “HOPE,” increased coral cover from 2% to 70%, and increased fish populations by 260% in just two years.

SHEBA’s Hope Grows project has since expanded to include more than 30 restoration sites throughout 10 countries and five continents, becoming the world’s largest coral reef restoration program, according to SHEBA.

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