NEW YORK — Human-grade dog food brand PetPlate has announced the launch of FreshBaked™, a new dry formulation of crunchy, gently-baked clusters. The new formulation features human-grade, visible ingredients, similar to its existing FreshCooked™ entrees, all designed with nutrition and palatability in mind.

The new FreshBaked recipes are offered in two flavors: Trail Blazin’ Beef Morsels Recipe and grain-free Roost Rulin’ Chicken Nugget Recipe. The dry clusters are slowly baked at low temperatures to retain vitamins and minerals.

“Our goal was to bring the qualities of our original human-grade, gently-cooked entrées to a shelf-stable format that is easy to store and serve,” said Renaldo Webb, founder and president of PetPlate. “FreshBaked is real, oven-baked food designed for a dog’s diet with the crunchy texture and meaty taste that dogs crave. In addition to real fruits and veggies in every meaty bite, we packed in superfoods as well as prebiotics and postbiotics for extra nutritional and digestive support.”  

The new line is available exclusively on The company’s website prompts shoppers to enter vital information about their dog and its mealtime preferences in order to develop a personalized menu recommendation to ensure daily caloric requirements are met, and not exceeded.

According to PetPlate, nearly two-thirds (62.33%) of pet owners who feed their pets kibble mix their meals with another wet or home-cooked food. Eighty-two percent of PetPlate customers on smaller meal plans mix their gently-cooked food with kibble.  

PetPlate designed its FreshBaked offerings to be combined with its existing FreshCooked entrées. The combination of the two formulations results in a FreshCombo™ meal plan that provides just the right amount of calories per day in two easy-to-serve food formats. 

PetPlate’s FreshCombo meal plans start at $1.75/day, depending on the dog’s weight, breed, and lifestyle. 

The company plans to further expand the distribution of FreshBaked throughout 2023.

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