SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — On Dec. 13, Full Moon Pet, a Perdue Farms brand, announced the launch of its first line of dog food: Freshly Crafted™. The new frozen dog food is completely human grade and formulated with fresh ingredients.

Established in 2011 by Ryan Perdue, Full Moon produces human-grade dog treats. The brand produces its products in the United States and uses regionally sourced ingredients, including farm-raised, USDA-approved proteins and other natural ingredients.

Full Moon was encouraged to enter the complete-and-balanced pet food segment after witnessing an increasing number of pet parents seeking pet food formulas made with high-quality ingredients and no additives or artificial preservatives.

“Freshly Crafted will redefine what consumers expect from dog food,” Perdue said. “Our human-grade food is made with high-quality ingredients like free-range white meat chicken, in USDA-certified kitchens. Pet parents will be able to immediately see the difference in quality compared to other fresh and frozen dog foods and can feel good about feeding their dogs a nutritionally complete meal that is about as close as you can get to making it yourself — just without the hassle.”

Full Moon Pet's new Freshly Crafted pet food line is available in three recipesPhoto courtesy of Full Moon Pet


The new Freshly Crafted dog food line is available in three recipes — Free-Range Chicken, Homestead Turkey and Ranch-Raised Beef — all of which are formulated without grains or fillers. The proteins included within the diets are sourced from ethically raised animals and contain no antibiotics. The line is formulated with Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids to promote skin, coat and immune health and muscle growth and development.

The Free-Range Chicken recipe is formulated with chicken, chicken liver, chicken bone broth, spinach, carrot, red bell pepper and blueberry. The Homestead Turkey recipe contains turkey, turkey liver, turkey bone broth, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli and blueberry. The Ranch-Raised Beef recipe is formulated with beef, turkey, beef liver, beef bone broth, spinach, broccoli, butternut squash and blueberry.

The formulas are slow-cooked in small batches and flash-frozen to help preserve nutrients, freshness and quality. Freshly Crafted can be served as a topper or complete-and-balanced diet.

“A dog's diet is directly linked to their health,” said Dana Wilhite, DVM, consulting veterinarian to Full Moon. “Improving the quality of ingredients and nutritional value of their diet can be a key approach to overall health. Real meats are rich in essential amino acids and provide protein that is important for healthy, lean muscles. Additionally, liver is a nutrient-rich ingredient included in these recipes to provide key vitamins and nutrients that dogs need for health and longevity.”

Full Moon’s Freshly Crafted dog food is available in a 1.5-lb bag for $11.99 and a 4-lb bag for $24.99. The dog food is currently available via Full Moon’s e-commerce platform and at select H-E-B retail locations in Texas.

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