ANKENY, IOWA — Essentia Protein Solutions is offering a full line of human-grade stocks, broths and palatants for use in pet food and treat processing.

The supplier produces its stocks, broths and flavors from USDA-inspected raw materials in food-grade production facilities in the United States to achieve human-grade quality. These finished ingredients are high in natural protein and collagen, non-allergenic, non-GMO, and available in beef, chicken, pork and turkey. They are also available in organic or non-antibiotic (NAE) options.

Essentia stated these ingredients can be incorporated into wet pet food, dry pet food or treat products for a boost of protein and palatability. Additionally, the company’s line of ProFlavor™ powders available in beef, chicken, pork and turkey proteins, can add the flavor and aroma of meat to pet gravies, toppers and treats.

“Pet parents today are looking for premium ingredients that they recognize and can feel good about feeding their pets on a daily basis,” said Corey Jansen, president and chief executive officer at Essentia. “Essentia’s human-grade stocks, broths and flavors provide protein and other important nutrients to pets and are produced in the same food-safe methods used for our human food and nutrition products.”

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