SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., a manufacturer of ingredients and nutrition solutions for human and pet nutrition industries, has achieved ORIVO certification for its fish oils.

According to Bioriginal, the certification affirms the authenticity of its salmon and pollock oils for use in the pet nutrition industry.

“We have been working hard to grow our marine oil business in the pet nutrition market, and one thing we noticed was an increasing demand from pet owners related to transparency of ingredients,” said Cameron Kupper, vice president of business development at Bioriginal. “Our partnership with ORIVO, allows us to provide evidence-based transparency to customers and consumers — guaranteeing the salmon and pollock oils we sell are 100% pure and authentic.”

Using innovative fingerprinting technology, ORIVO matches Omega 3 products to references in its database to prove the origin and authenticity of the raw materials used to create Bioriginal’s fish oils.

“At the end of the day, consumers deserve to know what’s in the products they consume, and what they feed their pets,” said Svein Erik Haugmo, chief executive officer of ORIVO. “Our verification process and certification provide brands the ability to make sure consumers have that confidence. We are excited to work with Bioriginal going forward.”

In conjunction with the certification, Bioriginal and ORIVO announced a partnership to help further transparency in the pet nutrition industry.

"The fact that Bioriginal and ORIVO are partnering to bring transparency to the pet nutrition market will have a significant impact on the industry in total,” said Bendicte Garnes, sales manager at ORIVO. “Bioriginal has a considerable standing in the food and nutraceutical industries across the globe and when they are taking this important step in the pet nutrition market, they are leading the way in the development of bringing evidence-based transparency to the industry.

“This partnership provides tremendous benefit to pet supplement and pet food brands who value transparency,” Garnes added. “Leading brands can now be fully confident that their salmon oil is authentic, which will have a direct impact on sales growth considering todays pet parents and the demand for transparency.”

Bioriginal offers a variety of pet-friendly fish oils, including Biopure DHA®, Cod Liver Oil, Omegaactiv® Fish Oil, Omegapure® Fish Oil and Wild Alaskan Fish Oils, available in liquid, emulsion, encapsulated and other formats.

The Wild Alaskan Fish Oils are specifically designed to support overall pet health, providing easily digestible EPA and DHA. The oil is regularly tested for chemicals, heavy residues and contaminants and is triple filtered and cold processed to ensure purity.

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