LOS ANGELES — Pet wellness company Vital Pet Life announced it has received ORIVO certification, demonstrating the traceability of its fish oil products for pets. According to Vital Pet Life, it is the first US-based pet wellness company to achieve this certification.

“At Vital Pet Life, we see our customers living more intentionally, creating a healthier future for themselves, their families, and the planet,” said Donie Yamamoto, founder and chief executive officer of Vital Pet Life. “We're aligned with these values. Our ethos of trust through transparency drives our organizational commitments and choices. We know that 86% of pet owners want transparency when it comes to feeding their pets. They are examining labels, seeking ingredients and brands they know and trust. By becoming ORIVO certified, we continue to provide fish oils to the pet industry that are guaranteed, tested and approved.”

Based in Norway, ORIVO provides third-party, evidence-based transparency certifications. The company uses technology to verify fish oil authenticity based on species and geographic origin. It’s verification process strives to ensure that consumers have access to tested and certified fish oils.

ORIVO tested Vital Pet Life’s fish oils using a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) laboratory to verify  the authenticity of the company’s fish oils. The certification enables Vital Pet Life to offer more product transparency to its customers.

According to ORIVO, the need for authenticity certifications is increasing due to consumer demand.

“We live in a world where supply chains are getting more complex, and raw material cost is increasing rapidly, partly due to ingredient shortage,” said Svein Erik Haugmo, chief executive officer of ORIVO. “It is no secret that this can force brands and their suppliers to look outside their usual, secure supply chains, potentially opening the door for economically motivated adulteration of higher valued goods.

“When screening the market for adulteration, we find as much as 40% to 50% of products containing other ingredients than those claimed on the label,” he added. “This is a dangerous game because it is a clear trend that today's pet owners demand to know what and why and seek brands who answer these questions. Vital Pet Life is indeed such a brand, and it is fantastic to be the proving part of the brand’s traceability strategy.”

Vital Pet Life’s fish oil products include Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Pollock Oil for dogs and cats.

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