DELFT, NETHERLANDS — Veramaris, a joint venture of DSM and Evonik, has launched its first pet food ingredient on July 31. The product is a fish oil alternative that delivers Omega-3 fatty acids through oil derived from natural marine microalgae.

The natural algae ingredient provides twice as much EPA and DHA as fish oil ingredients, according to the company. The product includes more than 50% EPA and DHA.

The business launched the product for pet food after 12 months of research and development in the aquaculture market. This portfolio expansion includes palatability testing. The algae ingredient can be used as a wet coating for dry dog or cat foods.

"This is an important chapter in the story of our young company,” said Karim Kurmaly, chief executive officer of Veramaris. “I am delighted that our dedicated team has been able to take Veramaris Pets to the pet food market so soon. Just a little drop of this high-quality product will make a big difference to the health of companion animals, which is good news for 'pet parents' every day and everywhere.

“They can also be reassured in the knowledge that while improving their pet's health they are also contributing to healthy oceans,” Kurmaly added.

Veramaris reported its algae oil addresses supply chain issues that have risen out of increased demand for fish oil products by reducing dependence on wild-caught salmon. Every kilogram of the company’s algae oil is equal to 60 kilograms of other fish oil products used in pet food formulations, Veramaris said.

The product is free from ocean-borne contaminants, according to Veramaris.

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