MIAMI — On March 22, LIQ Brands announced the launch of the company’s first products that both offer low-calorie treat options for pet owners: LIQ and Krunch. LIQ is a lickable treat dispensed from a patented bottle design, which can be easily held by the pet owner and licked by the dog. Krunch is an air crisp treat that delivers a satisfying crunch.

According to LIQ Brands, the company was inspired to create the treats to help fight the obesity epidemic in dogs, which can partially be attributed to over-treating. The low-calorie treats also foster a more interactive moment between pet parents and their dogs, according to the company.

LIQ Brands was founded by longtime Veterinarian Lilliana Vigil who has dedicated her time to animal rescue and welfare.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a deep love for animals, and with it came my desire to protect the ones in need,” Vigil said. “Almost like a dream I imagined how nice it would be to be able to invent a healthy liquid treat for them that had never been done.”

The LIQ treat comes in a patented bottle, allowing pet parents to get their dogs to lick directly from their hands without a mess. LIQ is formulated with natural ingredients and has a low calorie count. According to LIQ Brands, six licks from a dog equates to about one calorie. LIQ is available in four flavors: Mixed Berries, Vanilla Mint, Green Apple and Peanut Butter Banana.

Krunch Crunchable Air Crisps are designed to entice dogs with a crispy texture and satisfying crunch, according to LIQ Brands. The air-dried treat is formulated using air-pop technology and contains ancient grains and root vegetables to support gut health. The treat is also low in fat and is available in three flavors: Honeycrisp Apple, White Cheddar and Honey Butter.

According to LIQ Brands, the new LIQ and Krunch treats are meat-free, making them great for dogs with allergies and protein sensitivities.

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