AMARILLO, TEXAS — Merrick Pet Care has officially launched two new treat options for dogs: Oven Baked Biscuits and Backcountry Raw Coated Biscuits.

The pet food and treat company’s Oven Baked Biscuits were designed to innovate biscuit offerings for dogs. They are handcrafted in small batches, then slow-cooked in an oven. Each formula includes no more than eight ingredients.

The Oven Baked Biscuits line includes five formulations, each with their own unique biscuit shape. The formulas are Grammy’s Pot Pie, Cowboy Cookout, Turducken, Paw’some Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Patch.

Merrick’s Backcountry Raw Coated Biscuits are freeze-dried and raw-coated, offering a high-protein treat option for dogs. New formulas are an extension of the company’s existing Backcountry line of ancestral pet diets and treats.

The Backcountry biscuits are available in four meat-focused formulas: beef and bison, lamb and venison, salmon and whitefish, and turkey and duck. The dog treats are grain- and legume-free.

Merrick’s Oven Baked Biscuits and Backcountry Raw Coated Biscuits became available nationwide at Petco, PetSmart, and independent pet specialty stores, as well as online, in July.

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