ST. CHARLES, ILL. — Eukanuba, a high-performance dog nutrition brand owned by Mars Incorporated, launched two new training treat options on April 5: ACTIVTRAINERS and ACTIVMOBILITY.

The two new dog treat formulas are fortified with functional ingredients and are low in calories for an ideal training treat. ACTIVTRAINERS are soft and easily digestible, and include DHA to support cognitive function. ACTIVMOBILITY training treats feature added glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support joint health and mobility.

"We pride ourselves on bringing science to the forefront to help fuel active dogs to perform at the best of their abilities," said Russ Kelley, scientific services nutritionist at Eukanuba. "ACTIVTRAINERS and ACTIVMOBILITY treats are designed to support dogs in training. Our ACTIVTRAINERS contain DHA to support healthy brain function, while our ACTIVMOBILITY treats contain key ingredients to support our adult dogs' joints."

ACTIVTRAINERS dog treats are intended for adult dogs and puppies older than 2 months. ACTIVMOBILITY treats are intended for adult dogs, at least 12 months old. Both treat options are less than two calories per treat.

"There are many ways to train and work with your dog of any age, but there is one common element that is proven to increase your bond with your dog and that is rewarding them," said Bruno Tachon, vice president of North American marketing for Royal Canin and Eukanuba. "We know that our fortified training treats promote obedience and performance, which in turn helps owners enjoy their total experience with their performance dog. We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce new treat options that not only promote healthy brain function and agile joints but help strengthen the bond between handlers and their dogs."

ACTIVTRAINERS training treats are available in chicken or salmon recipes, with meat as the No. 1 ingredient for each recipe, and ACTIVMOBILITY is formulated with chicken and ground brown rice.

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